Nokia Launches N97 Mini with Comes With Music

It appears; according to Nokia Online that Nokia is now offering the Nokia N97 Mini sporting their free music in the form of upgrading the smartphone with Comes With Music reports an article over on noknok.

The standard Nokia N97 Mini comes SIM free from Nokia Online and commands a price tag of £429; the upgraded Nokia N97 Mini Comes With Music adds a further £100 to the price so costs £529 SIM free.

However you do get to download all the music you want to the Nokia N97 Mini Comes With Music for that extra £100, and Nokia Music does have over 6 million tracks for you to choose from.

So if you take into consideration that the average album costs roughly £7.99, if you opt to download just 12 albums to the Nokia N97 Mini in the year you’ll still be quid’s in.

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