Sprint WiMAX HTC Supersonic gets Detailed

Not too long ago it was rumoured that Sprint was to get the HTC A9290 WiMAX toting smartphone. Well the guys over at engadget believe they have been given the low-down on the HTC A9290 for Sprint via a trusted source.

The WiMAX supporting smartphone is codenamed the HTC Supersonic and sports a 4.3 inch display with a svelte shell packing a kickstand on its rear much like the HTC Imagio, packs in Sense user interface and runs Android 2.1.

Apparently the HTC Supersonic which was seen by said trusted source was in white although it is expected the HTC Supersonic will become available in other colours.

The tipster says the HTC Supersonic is a fast smartphone, but couldn’t confirm whether there was a Snapdragon processor at work inside, and that the software stack is somewhat buggy which probably means we won’t be seeing the HTC Supersonic out and about anytime soon.

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