Potential Verizon iPhone 2010 Spotted: Carrier ID screenshot capture

Would you like an all new Apple iPhone 2010 on the Verizon network? Well of course you do and the latest information is very interesting indeed thanks to Electronista, yes they have a screenshot capture that clearly shows evidence of “Verizon” as the carrier ID.

Now we all know that the carrier ID should say “Verizon Wireless” but this would be far too long to show on the iPhone, this screen capture is from an iPhone in the San Francisco Bay Area so surely there has to be some truth in the matter that Apple and Verizon are about to join hands, unless this is one big hoax.

The image is apparently genuine but as usual you never know what is real and what is fake, this could be a simple modified iPhone. Now current iPhones are GSM and not CDMA so is this a modification iPhone or the real deal? We will get back to you on this one.

We know the Apple event will kick of January 27 so we can sit back and wait to see what happens, surely everything will come to light then.

Do you think this Carrier ID screenshot capture is real or fake? Please let us know in the comments area provided below, all pretty interesting isn’t it.


2 thoughts on “Potential Verizon iPhone 2010 Spotted: Carrier ID screenshot capture”

  1. Remo says:

    If you jailbreak an iPhone there is an app in cydia that will allow you to replace the actual carrier name with any carrier name(or anything else you want to write in there) on the iPhone. Check out Youtube, there are 100’s of videos with people doing that to fake that they have a Verizon or Sprint iPhone. This is the lamest rumor to be reported yet.

  2. Steven says:

    actually, i've done my fair share of jailbreaking, and especially changing that AT&T Logo to the Verizon package, and none of them have been this fluid and clean. Unless either someone's updated one, and placed it within a source since I've had my Nexus (yes, I went there… I'll go back though) or someone's really good with photoshop. Looks like the right text to me though…