Video: Brits Think Steve Jobs is Soccer Player

It would appear that a good percentage of us Brits are not all that up on tech stuff, especially when it comes to knowing who Apple boss and iPhone Icon, Steve Jobs is according to a survey performed by the Lewis PR company.

Apparently the survey surveyed some 1000 Brits and 20 percent of those surveyed said that Steve Jobs was a football player, while 10 percent believed Jobs was a trade union worker.

When asked about social networking, that faired a bit better, presumable as most access via computer or their mobile phone; 72 percent use Facebook on a regular basis while just 12 percent actually know of Twitter.

We have a video of the survey in action for your viewing pleasure which can be located below courtesy of the next web, so check it out. One has to wonder if any of those who think Jobs is a soccer player own an iPhone, or maybe its they just don’t really care who he is.


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