Can Apple teach Android? Update Nexus One with iTunes

Most of you are already aware that Google have recently launched the Nexus One otherwise known as the Google Phone. The reviews they have come since the launch have been very mixed.

If you mention iTunes within an article about Android it sure is going to grab peoples attention now just think about it before jumping to the wrong conclusions. When Apple introduce a new version of OS software for the iPhone, users usually just connect their phones to their computers and are automatically notified of any available updates.

A simple click on your mouse brings the new version and installs it to your device and if you want to you even have the option of rolling back an update. Definitely something that Apple got right.

Maybe Google’s next phone will improve as fast as SDK’s have been shipping, imagine being able to update the phone with iTunes or any other software at a simple click of a mouse would be well accepted. Source – linux-mag.com


4 thoughts on “Can Apple teach Android? Update Nexus One with iTunes”

  1. Veronica says:

    Or you can get a little message on the phone like it does already, no computer required. Some of us non-Apple people prefer not being bound to a computer to sync everything. ITunes is like a virus on a pc. I still can\’t get it to uninstall properly.

  2. David says:

    William – that is not true.. I have an iPhone and my Nexus one has arrived today. I’ve never had to pay for any upgrades/updates… I agree that it is very annoying to have to connect the iPhone or iPod touch to the computer to perform any updates!

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