Is the new iPhone 4G 2010 just an iPhone killer only?

Many companies have been trying really hard to compete against the iPhone since it launched., by launching their very own touchscreen smartphones.

We saw the Palm Pre and also the Motorola Droid are two devices that were expected to be an iPhone killer but the truth seems to be that there really isn’t an iPhone killer right now.

The secret behind iPhone’s success could be the operating system which is very intuitive and also very user friendly. The only device that could be capable of killing the iPhone would be the new iPhone.

That’s the iPhone 4G which we can look forward to meeting up with later this year, although there is no official information on the new iPhone there have been some rumors and although of course unconfirmed certainly makes for some interesting reading. The display to be 4inch OLED, 5 megapixel camera, web camera, QUALCOMM processor plus more. Source – quickpwn.com

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