Motorola Whinges over Ex-VP Joining Nokia

David Hartsfield is a former VP of product management with Motorola, he helped see the Motorola Droid through to completion, but decided his time with Motorola had come to an end, and wants to join Nokia.

However, according to an article over on engadget mobile, Motorola is having none of it, and if attempting to put a halt on Hartsfield from signing up with the rival smartphone maker.

Apparently the reason is Motorola says that there is no way Hartsfield could work with Nokia at the moment without benefiting from Motorola trade secrets and are thus attempting to get a temporary restraining order to stop Hartsfield from working with Nokia.

Obviously Hartsfield’s lawyer is stating that Motorola is unfairly preventing Hartfield from earning a living. I can understand Motorola’s point, but honestly a guy’s got to earn a living, and it’s everyone’s right to change employment.

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