Unofficial Google Maps for Maemo 5 Nokia N900

More applications are becoming available to the Maemo 5 platform and the Nokia N900 smartphone and it appears that Google Maps is the latest addition, although via an unofficial route reports an article over on noknok.

Google is understandably concentrating on the Android platform, but due to the Nokia N900’s Maemo 5 platform being open source some people from the Maemo community have apparently come up with their own software.

Apparently the software is a browser based Google Maps app that is fully features and delivers layers, directions, Google Latitude and support for traffic info and all works well with the Nokia N900 GPS chip.

To get the GPS to work with your browser on the Nokia N900 the user will need to download maemo-geolocation v1.1.3-1 which enables the browser to locate the location via the GPS chip and then grab Google Maps from Google.


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