Video: LG Lotus Elite Gets Unboxed

A more traditional unboxing than the previous unboxing of the Google Nexus One I posted earlier for you now, this time it is a traditional video unboxing of the LG Lotus Elite, and not a sword wielding ninja in sight.

The LG Lotus Elite unboxing video which can be viewed below comes courtesy of the guys over at mobile88, lasts just over the four minute mark and delivers what one has come to expect with a video unboxing.

The reviewer says the LG Lotus Elite is very similar to the original LG Lotus, but the main difference is with the LG Lotus Elite there is a large touch screen on the external of the flip form factor handset and asks the big question can one texts on that touch screen.

Well to find out if it is possible to text on the LG Lotus Elite touch screen simply hit up the video below to find out the answer, because I’m not going to spoil the need to watch the video by giving the answer here.

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