Verizon Wireless Palm Pre Plus Pricing, would you buy it?

It seems that the Palm Pre arrived rather late for the party in this part of the world but it is already being viewed as a grizzled veteran of the still hot actually on fire smartphone war.

The give the device a better chance of coming out on top of the iPhone and the Android opposition, manufacturer Palm is already readying its secret weapon it is the Palm Pre Plus.

To start with it just looks like it is essentially the very same handset, but there are if you look closer numerous improvements underneath the surface. There is now 16GB storage memory instead of just 8. Internal RAM grows to 512MB from 256MB and the back cover is touchstone compatible.

To get the Plus for $149 you have to comply with a $100 mail in rebate offer and a two year service agreement. Anyhow, it is still a pretty nice deal Palm’s other smartphone contender the Pixi Plus has a similar agreement. Source – pocketgamer.co.uk


One thought on “Verizon Wireless Palm Pre Plus Pricing, would you buy it?”

  1. developsmart says:

    The Palm Pre Plus can be used as a Wireless Router or a personal hotspot device and can now perform a wide range of really cool functions right out of the box. Considering this Palm Pre Plus is priced as one of the best and most affordable smartphone, I would definitely buy it!

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