Google Nexus One owner is Happy Customer and reader

We all love to read about the all new Google Nexus One and what you think about this smartphone, now we can write about this handset all day long on what we think about it but it is you the customer that has the last say.

Seeing as you are the customer we love to know what you think because at the end of the day you use the phone day in day out, well one of our readers called James seems to be one happy customer when it comes to his Nexus One; here is what he had to say:

I have been waiting for a phone like the Nexus One to come out for about a year and a half. I have looked long and hard for a phone like the nexus in the past but they simply did not exist. I was tempted to get a Motorola droid before nexus was announced however it did not have the speed I was looking for. So I waited some more.

I really…really like my Nexus One apart from having an open platform (i.e. software, replaceable battery, non-proprietary music delivery, non-proprietary Bluetooth device support, non-proprietary power plug etc…)* which most android and windows mobile have… it pretty much has an upgraded version of every feature modern mobile phone devices have (except a TV and a keyboard) in such a small package.

I love how they made the phone smaller while making the screen larger. Other than its screen size I could see the device pretty much replace my laptop, particularly when people start making software that actually utilizes its power.

* Note I believe open platform, non-proprietary is the way to go because it allows anyone without having to wait to be signed off by a company or only produce a product for one device. It also allows one to transfer attachments and software from one device to another freely. Thanks James

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