Over Half of 10 Year Olds in UK Own a Mobile Phone

Probably not a huge surprise in this day and age of staying communicated, but according to research conducted by PrezzyBox.com that ran a poll which was put to just below 1400 parents who have kids under the age of 10, 63 percent of under 10’s own a mobile phone in the UK.

The article over on pocket-lint also shows that other than owning a mobile phone, three quarters of children within the same age group own a laptop or PC.

Apparently just over half of those kids who have a mobile phone got it due to constantly pressuring the parents, namely having a whinge, although some agreed to the child packing a mobile phone for safety reasons.

Furthermore 54 percent of parents said they would not monitor their child’s mobile phone usage in any way. I guess the old saying stands, if you don’t ask you don’t get; can’t really understand some parents not wanting to monitor their under 10’s wireless activity though as obviously they are the ones footing the bill.