Has Apple got multitouch patent to stop say Google using it?

Back in 2008 when the original Android G1 was launched you may or may not recall that there were a number of rumors surrounding it.

One such rumor was that Apple had asked Google to avoid integrating a 3.5mm audio jack and multitouch gestures on the HTC G1. We were all pretty certain that after Microsoft and Palm got the multitouch Magic for the Zune HD and the Pre that Android would get multitouch as well soon after.

However there has been no Android device in the US that has offered multitouch even though the very same devices outside the US do offer multitouch right out of the box. The latest rumor is that Apple pushed out multitouch from the Nexus One with a nice polite request to Google.

Google and Apple are not in everybody’s good books at the moment as a lot of their businesses are overlapping, having said that the relationship that Google has with Apple is pretty strong and hopefully will stay that way. Further information from iPhonehelp.in

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