Can Windows Mobile 7 out do iPhone 4

There are numerous rumors surrounding the Windows Mobile 7 and they are reaching the point of near iTablet level over on that side of the smartphone space.

Here we have a collection of whispers, so called insights and questions and answers as to what Microsoft can do when it comes to being competitive in the ever increasingly important consumer space.

There is going to be two versions, a version for business users and another for pimped out media. The business edition is said to be more like current Wm, skin – able by HTC Sense UI. And the Media edition yes ME will be the closest possible thing to ZunePhone without being a ZunePhone with maximum Microsoft Experience.

Office 2010 super integration is going to be included amonst a lot of other that are not definite yet. Silverlight, Mediaroom, Xbox Live, Facebook and also Twitter and Zune Music integration is all for us to look forward to. Source – theiphoneblog.com

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