iPhone OS 4.0 in corporate battle with BlackBerry

In the past the Apple iPhone has struggled in the corporate sector due to a lack of security, but according to an article over on t3 that may be about to change with the arrival of iPhone OS 4.0.

The reason is iPhone OS 4.0 will include business email support and according to analysts iPhone OS 4.0 will also include a series of business orientated APIs and support for encryption.

Googe Intelligence analyst, Alan Googe says, “I’ve spoken to a variety of serious security players over the last few months, and they have been in talks with Apple over this – the business market is definitely one that Apple is targeting. OS 4.0 will contain a variety of security APIs, including email encryption”

So it does appear that with iPhone OS 4.0, Apple may be looking to hit harder at the corporate sector with the iPhone and thus take on BlackBerry in a hard hitting business battle.

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