Video: Nokia Ovi Maps Navigation Demo

The big news on Nokia hitting the net is that they are offering free turn by turn navigation software to Nokia mobile phones which includes Nokia Ovi Maps, and obviously goes up against the like sof Google turn by turn navigation and TomTom.

We have for your viewing pleasure a video demo of Nokia Ovi Maps navigation in action courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile which can be viewed below and lasts just over one and a half minutes.

Nokia Ovi Maps navigation offers both pedestrian and vehicle navigation which is voice guided and in over 70 countries. Looks like Nokia Ovi Maps navigation is just as good as all the other navigation software out there as well.

With the Nokia Ovi Maps navigation in walk mode it also shows the user 3D landmarks to help guide the way. So all that is left for me to say is hit up the video below and check out the new Nokia Ovi Maps for Mobile.


One thought on “Video: Nokia Ovi Maps Navigation Demo”

  1. Gabriel says:

    Superb navigation software. I have used the previous version on a Nokia N95 8GB. Just one thing missing, Text-to-Speech. It is very helpful when you actually hear the street name.

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