2010 to see up to 30 Android Smartphones from Motorola

If you thought Motorola wasn’t going to push out much during 2010 you’d be mistaken because during the launch of the Motorola Dext in Singapore, the VP of Motorola Asia’s mobile devices, Spiros Nikolakopoulos stated that Motorola will push out between 20 and 30 smartphone by the years end.

According to the report on Cnet Asia, of those 20 to 30 Motorola smartphones every one will pack the Android platform, however not all of the smartphones will become available everywhere as it depends on Motorola’s partners, while non-smartphones will run on Motorola’s own platform or Brew.

Furthermore, Nikolakopoulos stated that it is ‘on the card’ to open up MotoBlur so it is no longer a closed platform but at present doesn’t have any timeframe as to when that may happen.

No doubt of those 20 to 30 Android packing smartphone we have already see the Motorola MOTOROI, and the rumour of the Motorola Shadow, which has been rumoured to be the Nexus Two; so one wonders what other smartphones Motorola has in the pipeline.

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