Is Motorola Shadow the Google Nexus Two?

The latest Android smartphone out of HTC and Google, the Nexus One superphone hasn’t been available all that long, but that doesn’t stop the rumour mill from churning, and one such rumour is that a new Android smartphone from Motorola could be the Nexus Two.

According to an article posted on alfred.hea.hk, they have pictures of what they call the Motorola Shadow, a smartphone resembling the Motorola Droid but sporting a slide out QWERTY keyboard and wrist strap, the keyboard being in white.

Obviously there is no confirmation that the Motorola Shadow isn’t just some rendered image or that it may or may not be the second of Google’s Nexus line, but is interesting none the less.

No doubt during the course of time more rumours of a Nexus One sequel superphone will hit the net waves, but until something confirmed comes out, it is best to treat these with at least a little scepticism.

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