Verizon Pre and Pixi Plus Priced and BOGO Offer

We all knew Verizon Wireless was gaining the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi with a Plus added to their names, and now Verizon has put the pricing to the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus reports an article on pocket-lint.

So what will that ‘Plus’ cost you on the Big Red? The Palm Pre Plus will command a price tag of $149.99 and the Palm Pixi Plus will l cost $99.99 both after rebate and on signing a 2 year contact.

The Big Red is also adding both the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus to their BOGO offer which means if you purchase either handset you’ll get a Palm Pixi Plus for free and said offer runs until Valentines Day.

So if you are waiting to grab yourself a Verizon Palm Pre Plus or Palm Pixi Plus you could take advantage of the BOGO and grab a Palm Pixi Plus for free as a Valentines gift for your loved one, and well whose to know you got it for free.

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