Verizon Palm Pre Plus gets Reviewed

The Palm Pre already available from Sprint is going with Verizon Wireless as the Palm Pre Plus and the guys over at gizmodo have now given the Verizon Palm Pre Plus the once over and come to the basic conclusion that the Palm Pre Plus isn’t that much different to the Palm Pre.

The guys say that the Palm Pre Plus essentially feels just like the Palm Pre and the only real noticeable difference is the double RAM and storage space.

Visible differences are a slightly improved keyboard, the matted inductive charging back plate, and the losing of the front button and everything else remains as is on the Sprint Palm Pre.

Performance wise both Pre’s are on the same par with the exception of heavy multitasking where the double RAM kicks into play if your running 10 or more apps. The Verizon Palm Pre Plus does feature a tethering app though, something that the Sprint Pre lacks.

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