Heading for Sprint HTC Supersonic WiMAX handset

Not quite sure about this one at the moment, things are a little unclear. It has been reported that an upcoming WiMAX enabled handset was on its way in the direction of Sprint.

Called the Supersonic, we’re not totally sure why T-Mobile are listed as the carrier on the top? Of course it is one thing to have a GSM phone with another carrier’s SIM. But its pretty much unheard of to go from supposed CDMA to GSM isn’t it?

Bearing in mind that T-Mobile is not even any where near being able to prep a phone beyond 3G, and this has Android 3.0 inside. Are we correct to assume that T-Mobile is just around the corner fro releasing the first handset with the 3.0.

That codename does specifically mention HTC Supersonic, just like HTC Nexus One, so, will this be another phone offered through google.com/phone channel? We’re not usually stumped with screens like this, but this have left us with questions. For more information go to androidguys.com

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