Fancy a Free Nexus One or Verizon Droid its all in the game

Quite surprising really that seven of the ten most popular paid applications in the Android market are in fact games. Rather strange really for a platform that doesn’t appear polished or half as appealing as the iPhone.

People all over the place are gravitating towards game never the less and of course as Android continues to improve and allows for more richer experiences and masses more features the games will only get better.

To help with the growth Google will present a number of Android sessions during the Game Developers Conference which will be held in San Francisco. During the two days February 9th and 10th developers will have the chance to meet with engineers from the Android team.

They can take part in the questions and answer session and you may even get a chance to show what you may have been working on. Google is actually giving away Free Nexus One and Verizon Droid handsets to those who qualify. For further information please visit androidguys.com


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