T Mobile gets Samsung Galaxy portal with Google Android

Samsung have launched a new handset which is running on Google’s Android OS in the UK. It is now available for purchase via wireless carrier T Mobile.

The Galaxy Portal has already been released on the market and was readily available outside of the UK as the Galaxy Spica i5700. The Samsung Galaxy Portal comes Android 1.5 at the moment but it will soon receive updates to the newer version of the OS.

Its body is 13.2mm thick and it boasts a 3.2 inch touchscreen display and has a range of connectivity options including quad band GSM, HSDPA as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The launch of this amazing device just shows Samsungs commitment to smartphone products and also forms part of the strategy to deliver a wide range of handsets which are designed to suit a whole range of users. T Mobile UK will have the Galaxy Portal exclusively for next month, and the black Galaxy Portal for three months. Its free with a £18 monthly plan. source – softpedia.com


11 thoughts on “T Mobile gets Samsung Galaxy portal with Google Android”

  1. Jane O'Brien says:

    Worst phone I have ever owned. Had to return first one as it wouldnt take calls, kept resetting its clock and calendar to wrong time and a date in 2005. Returned handset got new one, same prblems again. Also if you have gotten used to having yor own ringtones think again, your locked onto crap samsung ones on this handset.

    Also has awful keylock that engages whilst your trying to type your text messages.

    Keys on touch screen so small, I can use but my boyfriend would be hard pressed to text anyone.

    They call this a "SMART!" phone, well if yursmart you'll stay well away from this useless pile of crap.

    Not a good buy at all.

    1. Paul says:

      If you dont like the Samsung ringtones then simply download one of the many free ringtone apps and you'll have thousands at your disposal!

  2. Chris says:

    I'll admit, phone did take some getting used to. But after having the phone for a few weeks I can say that I love it. Handy shortcuts to email, facebook and youtube just some of the great features.

    Camera isn't great. But then again, you wouldn't buy a digital camera to make a phonecall, would you?

    Text message style is useful – "threads" which show previous messages to and from particular contacts. Touchscreen keyboard is rather small but after some practice you should find a way of typing that suits you.

    Battery life isn't actually too bad considering what you can do on the phone. I can spend most of the day on the internet and watching videos on youtube and only have to charge the phone once a day.

    Apps aren't as great as the iPhone but plenty of decent ones avaliable for free, and very easy to obtain.

    Notifications on phone is one of the best features. Being made aware of new emails, facebook updates and text messages all at the top of the screen is very handy.

    All in all, the phone isn't perfect. But no phone is.

    I would give it an 8/10 after a few weeks of having it. Although I'm sure that score could increase after more time to get used to everything.

  3. Rachel says:

    On my phone when I get a facebook notification (and i click on it) it directs me to m.facebook.com which is a blank page as the phone seems to normally direct to touch.facebook.com. Is there any way I can fix this? (That is a notification on the android home page, not when i'm already on FB).

  4. JAMES says:


  5. clare says:

    how do you get the notifications to work for facebook??? i have downloads it via samsung and i dont get notified of any updates.

    pls where or how do i downloads apps??? not got a clue with this phone at the moment

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