Motorola Takes on RIM and asks ITC for BlackBerry Ban

It seems to be the ‘in thing’ to do these days in the mobile legal front; Nokia wants to ban Apple, Apple wants to ban Nokia, and now Motorola wants the same thing with Research In Motion according to a report on prnewswire.

Apparently Motorola has officially complained to the US. International Trade Commission alleging the BlackBerry maker infringes on five of their patents concerning app management, WiFi access, power management, and user interface.

Therefore Motorola has asked the ITC to investigate and place a ban on Research In Motion’s ‘importation of infringed products’ stop any more sales of products which infringe, stop advertising, demonstrating, warehousing and marketing of products that infringe.

So basically Motorola wants the ITC to slap a ban on practically any and all BlackBerry smartphone and the like in the USA. I can see if the ITC mounts investigations into all the complaints they are getting there will be very few smartphones being sold in the US.

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