How Long for Canada to Gain Nexus One?

The latest Android smartphone from Google, the Nexus One has been available in the USA for a while, and even in Europe, but America’s closest neighbour, Canada still doesn’t have the Nexus One superphone.

According to an article over on centretown news, Facebook and Twitter are inundated with rumours that the Nexus One will arrive in Canada with the next 6 months to 2 years; however there is no official release date.

The co-owner of Wireless Revolution as Merivale Mall, Hassan Kalkas says that some people do not realise that the Nexus One isn’t offer in Canada yet and they have people coming in asking about availability.

Canada waited almost 2 years to gain the iPhone, and it looks like they will be waiting about the same time for the Nexus One as Canada makes up only 3% of the world capital market while the USA bring in 30 to 40%.

Thus it looks like Canadians are left out in the cold with the Nexus One, however no doubt sooner or later the Nexus One will turn up on eBay and as the smartphone is unlocked maybe that’s the way to go for our Canadian buddies.


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