911 problems with HTC Dream and Magic fixed by Rogers

Breaking news here, on a serious note really, Rogers have worked together with HTC and have come up with a kind of hustle you don’t usually see.

HTC and Rogers have announced that they have fixed a potentially dangerous glitch within their branded versions of the HTC Dream and HTC Magic. Calls to 911 have been failing with GPS enabled.

Okay, of course you want the upgrade now on the quick don’t you? This really is serious so serious in fact that Rogers have taken the very unusual step of vowing to disable internet access altogether for those who don’t comply.

Anybody who doesn’t apply the ‘mandatory’ patch which will allow emergency calls to go through with no problems will have their internet access suspended. Customers who have been affected will be credited with a months worth of data. And good news for Magic owners out there as you will discover that you have amazingly received HTC’s Sense UI as a bonus. Source – engadget.com


2 thoughts on “911 problems with HTC Dream and Magic fixed by Rogers”

  1. Christian Duchene says:

    I wouldn’t recomend purchasing anything mad by HTC. I bought an HTC smartphone on a three year Telus plan. The phone had a one year warrenty and was replaced six times before the warrenty was up. I tried to get Telus to replace it with a different model and was told it would be up to HTC to do that. I contacted HTC and was coldly denied. I later found out through a blog, that certain models had defects that should have caused a recall. My model was one. Needless to say, HTC will not stand behind their products and Telus could not care less. I am now a proud owner of an iPhone on a Fido plan and I am more than satisfied with both parties.

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