Vodafone launches the Samsung Genio Slide

This is the third model in the Samsung Genio range and the Samsung Genio B5310 has been given a name change to the Samsung Genio slide for the exclusive launch on Vodafone.

So, otherwise known as the Samsung Genio Pro, Vodafone have secured the exclusive release for the B5310, or the Genio Pro or the Genio Slide? The network decided to rebrand this latest QWERTY, touchscreen phone after winning the rights exclusively to launch under the new model name of Genio Slide.

It isn’t that unusual for networks to suddenly adopt a name change an example recently was T-Mobile and the new Samsung Galaxy Spica, the model number remains as the i5700 the same as the Genio Slide being the B5310, T-mobile re launched as the Samsung Galaxy Portal.

Surely this just adds to the confusion surrounding the mobile phone industry, potential customers are overloaded with loads of deals to choose from so why complicate matters further by changing the names of handsets right before they launch? Source –bignews.biz


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  1. Me ! says:

    This is an amazing phone, i take it everywhere with me and i have dropped it hundreds of times but some how it hasent broken, 1 or 2 scratches but that is it, i would recommend this to any one

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