Apple iSlate on its way first quarter 2010

It has been reported that the Apple iSlate will be released during the first quarter of 2010 but what should we expect?

Remember back in 1984 with the Super Bowl advertisement which announced the arrival of Macintosh and comparing that to where they were 10 years ago they have taken big steps and leaps in the market.

The Apple iPhone was launched back in 2007 and that immediately placed Apple on high ground in the smartphone market. Improvements to both software and also hardware have kept Apple in the forefront of both technology and customer appeal.

Now the Apple iSlate an electronic writing pad. Roughly the size of a magazine the device will be very portable and sleek in its design but what does it do? It will be able to handle media including videos, internet capabilities from the built in Wi-Fi receiver. The demand is definitely there for portable workstations as more than 41 million smartphones were sold last years un the United States alone. that’s phones not computers. Source – bangbangtech.com


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