Nice and clean speaks the Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus one the very much talked about phone which is still a huge talking point, with a built in voice to text feature being probably its biggest selling point.

What’s more surprising is that it is extremely accurate. It has however recently been discovered that the very impressive feature of the Smartphone is that is censors curse words. A spokesperson from Google has issued a statement explaining that the censorship isn’t aimed at teaching people good manners, but the company wants to ensure that foul words should not accidentally appear in text from.

It is further proof that Google recognizes the capabilities of it’s Smartphone’s technology and it is attempting to ensure that the phone shows exactly what users are saying. The no curse word policy has raised some interesting questions.

Some users believe that the censorship is justified, but of course there are others that believe there should be no restriction on freedom of speech. One user has suggested the option of turning the censorship on or off. Source – themoneytimes.com

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