HTC Putting Out False Info on Devices: Halo Not a Phone?

Well we all know that before a mobile phone gets any officialdom it is preceded by numerous rumours and speculations over its design, specifications, features, release date, pricing and the like, and often or not some if not all turn out to be quite near the mark.

However things tend to get somewhat tricky in the mobile phone guessing game when the manufacturer releases false info on purpose to mislead everyone, which apparently is what HTC has done.

According to an article over on engadget, the main guy in the know, Eldar Murtazin tweeted that HTC has made controlled leaks over some devices and names the HTC Halo, which HTC had leaked as a smartphone isn’t a phone but an Android tablet.

Of course, we can’t confirm any of this, but Eldar has known to be on the money more than a few times in the past, having said that he’s also been wrong on occasion. It isn’t really surprising that a manufacturer would let the odd lie escape on purpose to put those who are quite close off the scent, but to call the Halo a smartphone when it’s a tablet is stretching things a tad.

So, if true and HTC has put this false info out, what about others? What about Apple and their iTablet? Could that be false info and the iTablet is really the iPhone 4G? No doubt we should find out about that one in a few days time.

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