What do you want new Apple iPhone 4G 2010 to be called?

This year the mobile world will see a new iPhone from Apple, and there has been quite a bit of speculation as to what the next generation iPhone will be called and when it will arrive as Apple usually keep a tight rein on anything iPhone related until they are good and ready to release any official news.

Having said that, sometimes the rumours turn out real so maybe Apple hasn’t got such a tight hold over the info as they think they do. Speculation has tagged the next generation iPhone as the iPhone 4G, iPhone 2010, iPhone 4, and I’ve even seen iPhone 4GS.

Much rumour resides around when Apple will release the next generation iPhone, with as early as April being tagged, May has been mentioned and some say the more traditional June; maybe we’ll find out all these things when Apple make their announcements at their event in a few days time.

So taking into consideration what people are naming the next generation iPhone, we’d like to know what you the public think Apple should name the new smartphone. So feel free to drop us your suggestions below on what you think the Apple iPhone 4G 2010 should be called.

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