Apple Event will Announce Verizon iPhone 4G Predicts Analyst

With the Apple event next week, Peter Misek, an analyst for Canaccord Adams predicts “there is a good chance” that Apple will announce the iconic iPhone will go with Verizon Wireless reports an article over on fortune.

The analyst says that the ‘One More Thing’ part of Apple’s event next week might include 2 iPhone announcements, iPhone OS 4.0 and the unveiling of iPhone 4G for Verizon Wireless.

Misek also states that they have ascertained there’s reasonable chance that the Asian supply chain is prepping mass production of a new iPhone in March with an expected availability date of late June, and the new iPhone will support European GSM, HSPA standards and CDMA for the Verizon network.

Misek further predicts that an LTE iPhone 4GS won’t hit until 2011 and that tired plan are imminent which will include an unlimited data plan from Verizon Wireless.

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