Verizon and AT&T: Should I buy the iPhone in 2010?

This question is calling out to all you Verizon and AT&T customers, the question is “Would you really buy an iPhone in 2010?” Will the AT&T service get any better and can Verizon give a better service, so many questions to make you think.

You are the customer and you have the money so it is blatantly obvious Verizon and AT&T should grab you by the horns and reel you in, and of course keep you with them without any problems occurring.

Many of you who are with Verizon and loyal to them and would no doubt love to get your hands on the iPhone this year, but this is all a matter of price negotiations and of course a network that can work with the Apple device, ok a CDMA version will work well.

At the moment is the U.S you can get the iPhone only on the AT&T network and will always be able to even when they do lose exclusivity this year, would you stay with AT&T or would you consider moving over to Verizon if they had the iPhone, or would you leave Verizon and move to AT&T if they do not get the Apple device? Even more questions for you.

Is the iPhone the smartphone of all smartphones, is this the handset you really want? I personally have the iPhone here in the UK on the O2 network and must say have not really had many troubles at all, yes there has been a few issues with software updates but nothing really bad as it normally gets sorted out very quick indeed.

We cannot wait for the all new iPhone for 2010, hopefully there will be one and it will be even better. No I will re-phrase that; of course the new iPhone will be much better they always get better. So please let us know all Verizon and AT&T customers if you would really buy an iPhone in 2010.


7 thoughts on “Verizon and AT&T: Should I buy the iPhone in 2010?”

  1. David says:

    Have a family plan on Verizon. Wanted an iPhone (on Verizon). Couldn’t wait. Got a Moto Droid instead. My iPhone envy is somewhat sated, but not entirely. Anyway I’m locked in for two years.

  2. Pete Shaw says:

    I am a Verizon customer waiting for a Verizon iPhone, and will immediately buy it. Apple and Verizon will make tons of money if they stop being greedy, share the profits 50-50, and make a CDMA-GSM iPhone available. Since Apple MUST make a 4G soon anyway, to compete with the DROIDs, Googles and Berrys, they might as well make it useable on the best network as a world phone.

  3. TomT says:

    I have been a long time customer (10+) of Verizon Wireless UNTIL the introduction of the iPhone. If I wanted to have the iPhone, I would have to leave my Wife & Daugther’s wireless plan with VW and I would go to AT&T for 2yrs. Hoping the iPhone would be with VW by NOW was a bad bet, I will have to stay with AT&T until the choice to move to a better (?) carrier comes along. While the iPhone DOES have it’s draw backs (you know them all by now) I enjoy the availability of APPS, Music, MobilMe Sync etc – Apple may not be at the top of the Smartphone Technology Curve every time they announce a new iPhone but they must be doing something right looking at the Sales Figures for the iPhones. No Phone Manufacturer / Wireless Carrier is PERFECT – you just have to choose the one that will give you the least headaches when you PAIR THEM. My contract is up next month with AT8T and hope I can go Month to Month so I can evaluate VW, their ETF is ridiculous.

  4. zack says:

    here is my opinion i just dont see verizon getting the iphone… sure they have good 3g but verizon doesnt get good bar service ive been all up and down the east coast and at&t has always kept up.. verizon did not.
    i have verizon now… i use to have at&t and had the iphone,

    where i live verzion gets better service but thats the only region were verizon is better.. if i travel out of my town then verzion just dies.

    NOW if verzion does not get the iphone… within this year until june like they said they would and if it doesnt come till then…, i will be leaving and switching back to at&t and im sure so would everyone else

  5. jimster says:

    Verizon would be smart to offer the iphone. ATT is truly a horrible company; they are constantly reorganizing and causing a cluster f*#$. It would be awesome if Verizon got the iphone and ATT lost millions of customers. This would force ATT to compete with Verizon for network coverage/quality. ATT does not keep good track of their circuits. In one market alone they were spending millions/year on circuits (OC – DS1) that were either not used or not needed. Terrible records and their employees have terrible attitudes. They have a history of disconnecting working circuits due to the poor record keeping. No wonder ATT’s service is bad.

  6. Matt says:

    Okay guy above me verizon has so many more bars on the east coast and everywhere els idk what your seeing. And no one will fallow what you are doing.

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