Verizon iPhone 2010: Rumours, Features and Apple Price Negotiation

It appears that the centre of net rumours has shifted somewhat from the recently released Google Nexus One onto the iPhone 2010 as rumours seem to be rife and offer speculation on a Verizon Wireless destined iPhone, iPhone 2010 features, and even iPhone 2010 price.

Much speculation is going on as to whether Verizon Wireless will actually gain the iPhone, and to be honest, Verizon carrying the next iPhone would make sense as it would increase iPhone ownership immensely and bring in more revenue to Apple, so logically an Apple, Verizon deal would be good for all concerned.

Features rumoured for a Verizon iPhone 2010 include a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, possibly an OLED screen, the much wanted removable battery, a possible front facing video camera for video conferencing, longer battery life, improved processor, and an abundance of other things but it is all speculation at present.

There are a couple of ‘grey areas’ with a Verizon branded iPhone though, firstly there’s Verizon VCast, something Verizon wishes to use on a Verizon iPhone and of course this would be in competition with Apple’s iTunes, so is naturally a stumbling block.

Then of course there is price consideration; AT&T’s exclusivity is due to end and the rumour is Apple and Verizon are in negotiations over pricing of a Verizon iPhone, and naturally there is a rumour both parties have fallen out over pricing which means Verizon won’t get the iPhone 2010 unless one of them moves on price.

Another rumour has it that the next generation iPhone will in fact become available as early as April but only in Korea and select markets. If Apple were to produce early delivery of the iPhone 2010, why would they restrict its launch to so few, surely the better option would be to go with Verizon and their multitude of iPhone wanting customers.

However, all this is only speculation, whether Apple will deliver the iPhone 2010 to Verizon will eventually become known, what features it will have will eventually be confirmed, and what pricing will be announced, all in the space of time, until then rumours are rumours and at least keep us wondering.


28 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone 2010: Rumours, Features and Apple Price Negotiation”

  1. crump13 says:

    I hope this is more than a rumor, I’m a verizon customer and have been waiting for them to get the iPhone. I hope the price is reasonable and the features aren’t locked down like verizon tends to do to their phones.

    1. Michy says:

      OMG! yes i really hope they get it. I know many people who will buy it. If they do get it my only concern is the price. Hopefully its reasonable

  2. miriam says:

    they should leave the choice up to the verizon customer, whether, or not they want to us the apple application store, or the verizon application store

  3. adam says:

    Won’t Verizon get a cut of iPhone apps sold anyways? Guarantee they’d make more money with that than trying to sell VCast apps which will most certainly pale in numbers/quality as compared to existing iPhone apps. I’m a VZW customer too and I think Verizon needs to stop limiting phone features so much. Isn’t it more lucrative to simply gain more customers with more friendly policies than to spend so much trying to eke another few dollars out of a few existing customers?

  4. Steve says:

    Honestly, I think the only thing being debated is the pricing. The Motorola Droid doesn’t have VCast so I’m sure Verizon would budge for Apple to not have Vcast on it because the iPhone is such a money maker.

  5. Jerry says:

    I’m betting the Apple tablet/slate/pad will be the first iteration of an iPhone-like device for Verizon. Once it is released, say in the second quarter, and customers stampede to pay $600+ for one of these, we all will see how Verizon handles the new traffic. Then, around July 2010 when the iPhone for Verizon gets released, the rest of the world can exhale and significantly affect global warming as all the CO2 fills the air!

  6. Lyndsey says:

    i agree with crump! i am a verizon customer and they need to get the iphone i have tried unlocking one and verizon is diffent then all! they need to get it.. people will pay for the iphone no matter what price! we all want it. do what the people want not what you believe is right! because some will leave verizon if they dont get it soon

  7. Joe says:

    “”There are a couple of ‘grey areas’ with a Verizon branded iPhone though, firstly there’s Verizon VCast, something Verizon wishes to use on a Verizon iPhone and of course this would be in competition with Apple’s iTunes, so is naturally a stumbling block””

    Do not think that this is much of a grey Area, The Droid does not run VCast and has their own open source SDK… And its not the first time that ive heard of Iphone +Verizon……. Keep your fingers crossed

  8. Carrie says:

    I do not want to move to AT&T, but I will, and leave Verizon to get the iPhone. I will patiently wait to see what’s going to happen but I want an iPhone more than I want to be loyal to Verizon!

  9. norm says:

    new apple iphone should just sell the phone itself. Make it open to all carriers so we are not stuck with one carrier and a 2 year contract. apple probably make more money that way.

  10. michael honack says:

    The Iphone running on the substandard AT&T system is something that loyalists have endured for too long. Time to open the networks and make the phone usable on Verizon, which is a dramatically superior system both here in Hawaii and in California.

    I, personally, an moving to Verizon this month, January, while I wait for it all to sort out. The gee-whiz of the phone is not enough to overcome the oh-shit of the service.

  11. david says:

    I too am a BB customer on Sprint, but i would go back to Verizon for the iphone.

    and ashley, yes you can tether your bb. Look up tetherberry,i use it all the time.

  12. To address the issue with AT&T service, I too know of too many consumers that complain about their service. I have high hopes for Verizon to get the iPhone contract. I would expect that tons of people will be in line for it.

  13. jdd says:

    My Blackberry had better reception and voice quality than my current iphone on the AT&T network. I believe the phone functionality/hardware of the iPhone isn’t as good as other devices but everything else is incredible. I would expect the same on Verizon unless the phone components are improved.

  14. cgc says:

    it really should not be that difficult to market 2 versions of the iphone with verizon, one with the vcast and one with itunes. personally i would only go with the iphone if it had the itunes. already have an itouch and would transfer all my stuff to the iphone.

    it would really be great if verizon got the iphone this year. i too am waiting to see before going to att. or possibly a droid or the google phone.

  15. benny says:

    Has anyone considered that the iPhone could have BOTH vCast and iTunes? It’s basically just two separate apps, so there’s no reason why they can’t coexist. Verizon already pwns AT&T without the iPhone, and with it they would grind AT&T’s face in the dirt. Personally, if the iPhone came to Verizon I would ditch my Samsung Rouge and pay full price for it. I’m sure many others would do this as well. All that Apple would see is profit if they made an agreement with Verizon. It’s a win-win-win situation (for the customer too).

  16. Justin says:

    I wish that verizon would just stop complaining about the pricing and the app store and just get the damn iphone already. they have already missed out one time and if they keep goofing off negotiating then apple is going to resign with att and i including several others with verizon am going to switch to att just to get the iphone. Just stop bitching and sign a deal with att. get over the snag and get paid because no matter the price people will buy the iphone and there will be millions of dollars made.

  17. TCB says:

    Let me just say that this cannot happen fast enough. I’m so sick of AT&T (dropped calls constantly) that I’m going to move our company to Verizon as soon as the iPhone is available. Verizon, do what you need to do to resolve your pricing negotiations with Apple and you will gain 125 accounts with just my company.

  18. John Adams says:

    The Verizon iPhone as noted on several boards will have a faster processor and an impoved (& removable) battery. The Verizon network which is vastly superior to AT&T’s is a bonus.

    The best new feature will be the foldable version called the iFlip which will be a fold in half with a seamless touch screen when open – think Razor on steroids.

    March will be here soon so be patient little grasshopper.

  19. o2liquid says:

    from: “thestreet.com
    Beyond Apple’s strong fiscal first quarter performance, there are questions over how well the iPhone will sell as the exclusivity deal with AT&T(T Quote) ends and Verizon (VZ Quote) will start selling a new version of the iPhone this summer.

  20. Erica says:

    I heard the news a few days ago from my sister. Her and I are both Verizon customers, and i would absolutely love if the rumors were true. Ive been waiting for another good touch screen to come out, about 2 yrs ago i bought the LG Dare and to this day i love it:) and come on the iphone is the new generation so my Sister and I are crossing our fingers!!

  21. Kelli says:

    PLEASE!!! Verizon GET THE IPHONE!!!! I’ve been waiting but didn’t want to break my contract. I’m not a fan of the storm actually pretty disappointed and truly would be thankful for you guys to get the iphone. I’m a mac person every where else so yeah … PLEASE and THANKYOU!

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