Will iPhone 2010 Surface at WWDC 2010 for Verizon?

The rumour is hitting the net waves that Apple has already booked their WWDC 2010 event at the Moscone West hall for the 28th of June through to July the 2nd, which is probably right as this is roughly the normal time Apple schedule WWDC.

There is wide speculation that Verizon Wireless will eventually gain the iPhone, but at what stage is unknown. However, Verizon recently announced they have upgraded their network to cope with the heavy demand of the iPhone.

As most believe, Apple will probably put out the iPhone 2010 during the WWDC 2010 event, furthermore, AT&T’s exclusivity will probably end, and with Verizon now ready to cope with the iPhone maybe we will see Apple announce the iPhone 2010 on the Verizon Network.

Obviously there are still a few details between Verizon and Apple that need sorting such as Verizon would rather users to use V Cast than iTunes, but there is time before WWDC 2010 for them to sort stuff like that out.

So, what do you think, will WWDC 2010 see Verizon Wireless gain the iPhone 2010? Feel free to drop us a comment below.


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