Nexus One China Launch Halted By Google

The word is the planned launch of the latest Android smartphone from HTC and Google, the Nexus One superphone in China which was due to take place on Wednesday has now been postponed by Google reports an article over on mashable.

Obviously the postponement of the Nexus One launch is tied in with Google’s current argument with the Chinese government on censorship with the Google search engine, and that Google has threatened to pull the plug in China.

Apparently although Google and the Chinese government are locked in talks discussing the future of Google in China, it appears that Google isn’t going to launch their superphone in China while the situation remains unresolved.

Furthermore apparently China Unicom may postpone the launches of all Android platform handsets. Google has declined to give any confirmation as to the reason for the Nexus One launch postponement or even say if there will be a new launch scheduled.


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