Has Google done a good job with Nexus One smartphone?

Not so long ago Google released its brand new smartphone aka Superphone called the Nexus One and many called it the iPhone killer, the device manufactured by HTC does indeed look good but is that enough?

The Android handset that features 512MB of flash memory, 1GHz processor, 4GB Micro SD card and expansion to 32GB, 5 megapixel camera with flash video and a removable battery, so just based on these specs it does seem better than the iPhone 3GS. On paper the Google Phone is much better but you cannot just judge a mobile phone based on the specs only, it is down to the performance, customer service, 3G performance, networks and so forth.

There are plans of the Google Nexus One being available to Verizon customer this year, whereas Apple and Verizon need to come up with an agreement on the iPhone. The question many are asking is “Can Google knock the iPhone down a peg or two?”

Phonesreview.co.uk Views: The Google phone is an impressive handset but not without some flaws, it is not an iPhone killer yet but could possibly be in the future say with the next addition “Nexus Two”, Apple is on its third iPhone now and with a possible fourth releasing this year, this means they have had a few years to get everything right. We say do not knock the Nexus One yet because we believe Google will get it right sooner or later.

Please let us know if Google has done a good job with the Nexus One Phone, love to know what your thoughts are on this phone.


One thought on “Has Google done a good job with Nexus One smartphone?”

  1. The Dark Knight says:

    Why isn’t it an iPhone killer?
    The phone is far superior than an iPhone – with a performance that is blindingly fast!
    Issues like customer service, network, etc. will get sorted out but when it comes to pitting against the iPhone – the Nexus One leaves it trailing…

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