UK Gains LG GW620 on T-Mobile and Virgin, or Does it?

LG announced that their first Android based mobile phone the LG GW620 is available on 2 UK networks as of yesterday, Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile UK reports an article over on Cnet.

However, apparently T-Mobile isn’t aware of this and is expecting the LG GW620 handset in February, so maybe this is a case of LG not letting its partners know what is going on, but if T-Mobile is now offering the LG GW620 it does need to know.

According to LG, T-Mobile UK is offering the LG GW620 as a free handset when signing up for a two year contract at £20.00 per month and includes unlimited data, is that correct T-Mobile?

LG also say that Virgin Mobile will offer the LG GW620 as a free handset for £22.00 per month based on an 18 month contract and includes unlimited data and texts. I wonder if Virgin Mobile knows this as well. Seems to me LG needs to talk to the carriers and actually let them know they are now offering the handset don’t you.

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