Sponsorship deal severed with worlds No 1 golfer no cost

AT&T the US telecom giant haven’t had to pay a penny to sever their ties with Tiger Woods the worlds No 1 golfer following his recent extramarital affairs.

What’s even more amazing is that they didn’t have to resort to legal help in order to end the sponsorship deal with him. This news has been reportedly validated by a company official.

The telecoms giant ended its association with the world no 1 professional golfer on new years eve. They owed millions of dollars to Tiger Woods for ending the deal following the sex scandal erupted. Even though they owed large amounts of money to Tiger Woods the golfer and his agent IMG took the decision to release the sponsor without AT&T having to pay anything for ending the contract.

Consulting company Accenture has also revealed that it would be ending its contract with the disgraced golfer after his reputation was heavily tarnished following his philandering ways became public. source – thaindian.com

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