Google Nexus One Voice-to-text has Swearing Censor

One of the Nexus One’s smart features is voice-to-text, and apparently is reasonably accurate, accurate to the point of censoring certain spoken words. Apparently if you try using a bit of foul language when voicing a text the censor replaces said swear word with ####, reports an article over on Cnet.

Apparently a group at Reuters discovered the Nexus One censor ability which stops swear words from being placed into a text. A spokesperson for Google had stated the censor is not directed at teaching anyone good manners; they just want to make sure swear words don’t accidentally appear in texts.

The Nexus One no swearing censor seems to have cause somewhat of a stir on forums and the blogosphere with some believing the censorship is justified while others not so, and argue the freedom of speech line.

But do Google have the right to censor words? The problem is, who decides what words are inappropriate, as what is a swear word in one part of the world isn’t necessarily a swear word somewhere else. The other question is can the censor be refined or turned off by the user as if not then the ‘big brother’ line comes into play.

Have any of our Nexus One toting readers tried this, and if so do your cuss words get censored, if so what do you think; should Google have the right to censor your words?

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