Android 2nd most popular by 2013

Google’s Android operating system hasn’t been around that long in terms of mobile arena time, making its first appearance back in late 2008, but Android has been catching one and growing, and according to an article over on 3g.co.uk, the Android operating system will become the second most popular by the year 2013.

Apparently it has been predicted that the Android platform will be installed on some 70 million mobile phones by 2013 according to research by IDC and goes as far as to suggest Android may topple Symbian from the number one position.

Symbian holds the top slot due to being on Nokia handsets, but as Android is Google, Android could well become the dominant mobile operating system in the next 10 years, and also intimates that both webOS and Linux will struggle to make any real impact.

The report does say that webOS and Linux will gain a ‘select’ following though. Google is making more of the Android platform with their recently released Nexus One, and phone makers are adopting the OS very quickly, so maybe Android could well become the numero uno OS given time.


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