AT&T Loses iPhone Exclusivity as of Wednesday?

Wednesday being of course the 27th is the big Apple event where it is rumoured some announcements are to be made by Apple. Such rumours and speculation include the announcement of Apple’s iTablet, iPhone OS 4.0 which has been said will run on both the iTablet and next generation iPhone.

Other rumours say Apple will announce the iPhone will be going with Verizon Wireless, and of course that Apple will announce the new iPhone itself, as we all know AT&T is preparing to lose their exclusivity over the iconic iPhone in the States.

Well according to a report over on hothardware, going by info from an ‘inside source’ the latest word is AT&T will lose that iPhone exclusivity on the 27th.

The article also says that AT&T hasn’t been fighting to keep their exclusivity as apparently the iPhone is causing more problems than before, and hurts the AT&T image and is basically blamed for AT&T’s network problems. Well with only a couple of days to go it won’t be long before we find out for sure.

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