Google speech recognition squeaky clean

Arguably one of the most useful features of the Nexus One is the speech to text recognition service which lets you dictate text messages and emails and also web search queries.

We owe the thanks to Android 2.1 OS, the Nexus One records your voice sends it to Google’s speech recognition servers who then figure out what you’re trying to say. And it really is proved to be a useful handy feature.

Unless you attempting to talk dirty that is. Google scrubs away all the dirty words so your typed text is free of all cuss words. Even if you intended them. If you have a Nexus One close to hand you may want to try this out.

For those of you that don’t have one to hand here is an example. You had a bitch of a day, and your attempting to let somebody know how your day has been through text. Google scrubs away the dirty word and your message would read I’ve had a ### of a day. The reason behind this is that Google wants to avoid a situation where a benign word or phrase may be misinterpreted as something more naughty or dirty and accidentally sent to your boss at work. Source – intomobile.com

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