Do you want multitouch on your Google Nexus One or Droid?

The latest generation of Android phones is much faster and a lot more powerful than we have ever seen before. But one thing they don’t have that other smartphones do is multitouch.

Here is a way to fix that slight imperfection, in a way the Google Nexus One and the Motorola Droid are far far ahead than their competitors in terms of hardware specs but the main reason is they have the very latest versions of Android software.

New software features turn up but despite this Google still continue to leave out multitouch out of their core applications. There is something though that you can do about it if you want to, actually there are two ways around it.

Rooting is one method, which is an intensive one but does a lot more than just adding multitouch. It allows you to run unsanctioned tethering apps to writing apps to your SD card, modify the device’s stock apps and more important swap your phones software with a new ROM. Sound interesting? Visit gizmodo.com


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