Global Mobile Market Dominated by Apple and Nokia

According to an AdMob report, Apple and Nokia are both ‘holding sway’ over the international mobile markets however any dominance does vary by region reports an article over on top10

The report has Apple and the iPhone dominating in such regions as the Americas, the Antipodes and Western Europe, while Nokia dominates in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Apparently the report also shows that Apple saw growth of some 36% online market share when compared to the 9% in 2008, but Nokia’s online market share fell some 18% when it was previously 33% in 2008.

AdMod also sees other mobile phone manufacturers on the rise such as HTC with 6% market sahre in 09 up from 1% in 08 while RIM BlackBerry remains at 3% and Android saw large gains at 16% in 09 compared with 1% in 08.

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