Apple Tightens up on iPhone Fakers in China

The iconic iPhone has for some time been the big target of cloners especially in China; well according to an article over on sznews, Apple is now taking a firmer approach to phone pirates who try to rip off the iPhone.

Apparently police raided a faker’s workshop and found more than 1,000 fake iPhone along with 6000 mobile phone batteries, and word has it that the Apple team in China are responsible for said raid where 28 people were arrested.

The approximate value of each of the iPhone clones is estimated at $74 which obviously is a lot less than a real iPhone and it’s the pricing that makes a fake iPhone so attractive and big business. So Apple is sending their people to Shenzen to learn what they can about the case.

Apparently when the police raided the iPhone workshop, retailers were queuing up to pick up their fake iPhones.

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