4 iPhone Handsets make up Latest Creation from Apple?

Okay so what will the latest creation from Apple look like? Well take a look at the image and as you can see it looks like it will be constructed from 4 iPhone handsets according to an article over on pocket-lint.

The guys say that the new gadget from Apple will revolutionise how a user uses media such as video, games, music, magazines and newspapers and will pack four displays with a total measurement of about eight inches diagonal.

Furthermore each display will run four apps simultaneously enabling the user to multitask like never before and that the device will offer the OS X operating system, 3.5mm jacks, and four speakers.

Obviously by now you should have guessed that the guys have made this all up and locked up that image just for a laugh, but wouldn’t it be funny if Apple did actually bandy 4 iPhones together and announced this is out new iTablet?


3 thoughts on “4 iPhone Handsets make up Latest Creation from Apple?”

  1. Jim says:

    All this speculation of what will be released is such a waste of time.

    People seem to be so mad and crazy about what will come out from Apple…

    I think one should not get caught up in all this hype.

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