T-Mobile to Dump Sidekicks for myTouch Slide?

Apparently the word is T-Mobile is planning on slowly phasing out the T-Mobile Sidekick in favour of the T-Mobile myTouch Slide, although the information has not yet been confirmed reports an article over on the boy genius report.

It isn’t clear whether this means that the T-Mobile Sidekick will disappear for good, but the BGR speculated that Danger/Microsoft could be looking to replace them with ‘Pink Project’ devices.

Last we heard of the T-Mobile Sidekick was the problems with data loss which has users up in arms and perhaps this has led to finally being the nail in the Sidekick coffin.

However, like I said it is unconfirmed, and rumours can be wrong sometimes, so we’ll have to wait and see what the official stance is on this one, but I guess sooner or later old mobile phones have to head for the graveyard.

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