Video: Dual-Boot Android and Maemo on Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 is a powerful smartphone in Nokia’s portfolio, and today we have a video of the Nokia N900 which runs the Maemo 5 operating system with a ported Android operating system making the Nokia N900 a dual-boot system.

The Nokia N900 hack video comes courtesy of the guys over at jkontherun, and lasts almost two and a half minutes and shows us the Nokia N900 booting up in both Maemo 5 and Android OS, although there’s no commentary attached.

Apparently the guys done the dual boot as a proof of concept, but if you fancy having Maemo 5 and Android at least you now know it can be accomplished.

Anyway enough from me, I’ll let you crack on to that Nokia N900 dual boot video which can be viewed below and soak up the enjoyment.

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