Verizon could have Vodafone success with iPhone 2010

Possibly the greatest story that is expected to come out of the Apple event this Wednesday would be the announcement of the iPhone’s arrival on the Verizon network.

If this should happen the chances are that it wont actually knock the tablets release off the top notch. But needless to say the iPhone does seem destined for carrier expansion.

The potential for Verizon is open ended, just look at the success of Vodafone with the iPhone. Now the fourth carrier in the UK is Vodafone, who offer this extremely popular smartphone, with a staggering 100,000 unit sales of the device in the first week.

There are of course other iPhone carriers such as 02,Ornage and Tesco mobile but they are just as shocked by Vodafone’s obvious success. It would seem that Verizon could well experience something similar in the US if AT&T lose their exclusivity agreement with Apple. Roll on Wednesday! Source- cellflarenews.com

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